Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary – Day 4: Fishing, Friends And Fun

Dear diary,

I had another new resident move into town! His name is Curlos and he’s a sweet little ram. Our little town is becoming quite full – the more the merrier, I say. In fact, just so even more people can visit Volantis, I’ve funded a camp site so people can come and stay here. If they really like our town, they might even move in for good. The only problem will be deciding what to build next; I think the fountain looks rather nice, so it will probably be that.

It’s hard work earning enough bells to fund all these work projects, plus I have to pay off my loans from Tom Nook if I want a bigger and better house to live in. Last night I spent hours and hours just fishing in order to make more money. It was ideal weather for it too; rain seems to bring out the rarest fish. I caught a whole bunch of new fish I haven’t seen before, and I think filling up my encyclopedia is going to become quite the addiction.


After I’d earned a cool 75,000 bells to help pay off my loan, my good friend Mayor Matt invited me to come over to his town. When I got there, two other friends joined us, my friend Steve and Matt’s friend Ollie. We ended up going on another trip to the island to play some mini-games together. Kapp’n kept picking on me during the boat rides because I was the only girl, which was a bit mean.

The first game we played together was a scavenger hunt game. We had to find all the bits of furniture that Tortimer wanted us to find by taking it from other people’s houses. Sadly most of us were confused about what to do during the first three minutes, and only Matt found all the items he needed. I’m sure we’ll do better at it next time now we know what to do. However, we made up for it in the second game, which had us grabbing and planting flowers as quick as we could. We beat the target in record time and got a gold award, huzzah!


I’m not sure how I’ll spend the rest of my day. Perhaps I’ll go back to fishing or catching bugs, as I’ve got a huge 198,000 bell loan from Nook to pay off.

Bye for now.

Mayor Minxy