Ryse’s Quick Time Events Aren’t Mandatory

Ryse: Son of Rome was an impressive game at the Microsoft E3 conference apart from one main thing – the trailer was rife with QTE’s, or quick time events. It’s debatable whether quick time events add or actually take from the gameplay experience, but luckily it’s been found that Ryse’s quick time events will actually complete themselves if left for long enough.

The trailer showed our hero stabbing people in the face, slicing through enemy after enemy at a simple button press (rather than actually fighting them yourself). Now Kotaku Australia have been able to find out that the Xbox One exclusive title will actually complete it’s own QTE’s if left alone long enough. Why? Crytek stated that they “didn’t want the player to get frustrated”.

Sounds like a good reason to me! While quick time events can be pretty jarring with the gaming experience, the ones shown in the E3 trailer seemed to flow quite well, but it’s nice to have the option to not perform these events if you don’t want to. Hopefully we’ll get to see the extent of this in the future with more Ryse: Son of Rome announcements.

While I’m personally not too fond of quick time events in any game, everyone is entitled to their preferences. What do you think of the quick time events in Ryse: Son of Rome?

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