Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary – Day 3: To The Island!

Dear diary,

Yesterday a lot of stuff happened. I paid off my loan, so I’m ready for my first house extension. Plus the HH Showcase appeared, so now I can visit other people homes I pass via Streetpass. Sadly there are no homes there yet but I’m looking forward to seeing how other people design their houses. I also had a new resident move in right next to my home, her name is Gala and she’s a pig. I’m not being mean, she really is a pig. She’s very sweet and I’m looking forward to getting to know her.

The most exciting thing that I did yesterday though was hang out with my friend Matt. He visited my town first, along with another friend but then he remembered he was able to travel to Tortimer’s Island now. So we travelled back to his town and went on a little boat ride. Kapp’n sung us a song and asked us if we were on our honeymoon…erm no, we’re just good friends!


The island was so colorful! We borrowed some wetsuits and went swimming for the first time, it was great fun but being stung by jellyfish is a downside of swimming in the ocean. I also tried to go fishing for a shark, as I saw the shadow of one in the water but sadly it got away. On the plus side the island gave me some bananas, so I’ve planted them on my beach at home in the hope that they’ll grown into banana trees.

Another part of the island is the ability to go on a tour. Whilst on the tour, you play a competition run by Tortimer himself. Matt and I had to catch at least 6 fish between us to win some medals to spend on rare items in the gift shop. We had just three minutes to catch 6 fish, we ended up catching 10 in the end, although Matt caught more than me, so he got slightly more medals. I can’t wait to go back and play another challenge!


So today I’ll be arranging my newly expanded home and hopefully my approval rating will now be 100%, which means I can really starting flexing my mayoral muscles.

Until then,

Mayor Minxy