The Worst Moves of E3 2013

E3 2013 was pretty great. We saw some interesting new games, console information, and a slew of other noteworthy additions to the games industry as a whole. But there were some bad moves on everyone’s part at the expo.

Let’s go through the worst moves of E3 2013:

1. Microsoft – “If you don’t have an Internet connection, stick with the 360.”

Wow, just wow. Want to know the best way to alienate a ton of your most loyal fans? Say that.

Microsoft has strongly stated that its new Xbox One console will be DRM-heavy and feature loads of safeguards for people who want to play used games from actually playing them. Not to mention the mandatory one-day sync to the internet just to continue playing the damn thing.

This is a face palm of maximum proportions.


2. Sony – “Want to play online for PS4? Cough up 50 dollars for PS+”

I get it, I get it, Sony is a business and needs to make the money.

But what a bad move! That was a great thing the PS3 had over 360, you didn’t need to pay to play games online. And now for the next-gen, that advantage is gone. There has been talk that this function will actually be decided upon by the developers of each PS4 game, but still, it’s sure to upset many a cheapskate.

Most gamers seem to have forgotten this, distracted by the catastrophe that was the Xbox One, but Sony slipped it in there, almost unnoticed.

3. Activision- “The next generation of Call of Duty is going to be great.”


By what they showed at E3 and before at the Microsoft Xbox One (Xbone) reveal, no, sadly this is not the case.

Showcasing some new textured hands with added “dirt and cuts” is simply not going to make me jump on your new game, guys. And the emphasis on player companionship with a new “canine party member” was absolutely cringe-worthy, considering how many of her puppies have died in previous iterations of the franchise.

Another thing Activision showed was how sweet their new technology of making things rounder in-game was. Really?

4. Microsoft – “To get the most out of Xbox One, or to even use it, you need this new Kinect camera that will be watching you. Always.”

You know, I expect this type of behavior from Nintendo but this is a new low for the Xbox One.

Why bundle the new Kinect with every single new Xbone when NO ONE USED THE OLD ONE? Sure, moms and fitness buffs might love jumping around the house playing Just Dance 5 but real gamers? Those hard-core, grizzly bearded, chip munchin’, soft drink guzzlin’ troopers?

No way, Jose.


5. Nintendo – “Here’s another Zelda game, and another Mario Pancake Cart.”

I’m shaking my head. I’m shaking my head in disappointment.

Everyone was waiting for something new from Nintendo, a new exclusive title that could compete with The Last of Us, or Destiny. But no.

This is what Nintendo fans are coming to expect from the once amazingly creative company. Rehashes of old titles. It shouldn’t come as any surprise really, and these new games will no doubt sell on the Wii U, but will the Wii U be able to compete with the next-gen when it doesn’t take any big risks?

The answer is no.


And so that concludes the worst moves of E3 2013. There were certainly more bad moves, so if I left any out, tell me.

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  1. Ron Hoffecker

    I really don’t mind paying for PS+ in order to play online with my games. PS+ is an amazing service. If you own a PS3 (or Vita) and don’t have Plus, you’re missing out big time. Free games, discounts, access to stuff early, and beta are amazing features. If there is a sale, then Plus members get a sale on top of a sale. The service feels great and is pro-consumer.
    Not only that, Netflix, other apps, and some games aren’t behind that paywall so all-in-all, it’s not biggie.
    Also, I would never except that kind of behavior from Nintendo. They may shove gimmicks down our throats but they are in no way an intrusive company.

    • Isaac C.

      PS+ Is great and I am a happy customer of the service, though to make it mandatory to play games online seems inappropriate. Considering Sony has always pushed the free online as a key marketing point against Xbox.

      When you compare the two services though, PS+ is by far without a doubt better than Live.

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