Playstation 4 Upcoming Games To Watch List

E3 is over and the gaming world is still reeling from the tidal wave of technological awesome-ness. Here are some of the big names from the conference that you should keep your eye on for the PS4.

Watch Dogs

This one is quite obvious. Keep your eye on Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, a futuristic open world adventure in which you play as Aiden Pierce, hacker and mastermind. Did you like Sleeping Dogs, GTA or even Saints Row? Watch Dogs will combine all the best aspects of said games. As Aiden Pierce, your job is to liberate the city from corruption. Whether you are a player of stealth and tactics or a collateral damage sort of person, watch dogs will let you traverse down whichever path.

Battlefield 4 Night SkyBattlefield 4

Another quite obvious one, if you watched E3 then you saw the skyscraper collapse. Although the game may not be mind-blowingly different from the third one, you cannot deny that a 64-player game and falling skyscrapers has not tickled your curiosity. DICE have also promised a single-player masterpiece, if it’s any better than the previous one, you’ll have your hands full of Battlefield fun come later this year.


Never doubt Bungie. If you’ve seen all the footage for Destiny, you’ll see that there are obvious traces of Halo, as well as inspiration from games like Borderlands. Yet, there is something about Destiny that makes it over in the middle ground. The beautiful architecture of the game on next-generation consoles will definitely blow you away. If you fancy player versus environment sort of multiplayer, Destiny is for you.

Tom Clancy: The Division

When the Rainbow Six, Ghost Recons and Splinter Cells are all gone, there is the Division. Set in the near future, the Division is Massive Entertainment’s shot at open-world RPG combined with online co-op, multiplayer and of course, shooting. Every player will have their inherent New York that is shaped around the decisions they make, other players will be able to join that world. It works a little like the Borderlands 2 multiplayer. From tablet incorporation and beautiful visuals to endless customization possibilities and experience systems, the Division will grab the open world RPG shooters by the horns!

The Order: 1886

A game that was reportedly so advanced it was marred by the incompetence of modern technology: The Order has finally come into existence for the PS4. As Sony’s brand new exclusive, The Order has a new vast audience to launch to. The game takes place in the alternate history setting of London. You are a knight of an age-old order that plays a fundamental role in how the game develops. Ready At Dawn are looking to immerse the player so deep into the game that you feel like it’s a movie. Look out PS4 owners, Ready At Dawn are throwing everything they have at this game!

Infamous: Second SonSecond Son

Cole McGrath was awesome, but he was limited to electricity. Not only does Delsin have the power to control smoke (so much awesome), but he can also absorb other Conduit’s powers. Whilst not being a direct sequel to the other Infamous games, it draws upon the same principals in the same world. You play as Delsin Rowe in Sucker Punch’s version of Seattle during a time where people with powers are common, but they are being hunted. Long time fan or new-comer to the series, you’ll want to check out Second Son.