Fans Petition To Have Ubisoft’s ‘The Division’ Brought To PC

PC fans were outraged with the announcement that Ubisoft’s upcoming title, The Division, would only be announced on Xbox One and Playstation 4. Now a fan has started a petition to get Ubisoft to release the title on PC as well.

In a recent Machanima interview, the developers of The Division said that a PC version “will be made if there is a demand for it”, and that gamers should show their interest and “sign petitions, get on the forums and post their requests”. This particular petition has currently reached nearly 33,000 signatures, but they still need more. If you’re interested in getting a PC version of The Division then make sure to sign the petition.

It’s currently unclear why Ubisoft made the decision to only focus on next-gen consoles at the moment, not ruling PC out in any way, but you can be sure that if a PC version were made it would boost their sales innumerably.  It’s to be expected that there are petitions to get the title to remain a console exclusive, and once again it has started the PC vs Console war between gamers, but the fact that Ubisoft are listening to their fans is truly amazing.

Remember, if you’re hoping to see The Division on PC then make sure to sign the petition, get on the forums and make sure to express your interest.

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