Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary – Day 2: Bug Off!

Dear diary,

My house is finally built! On the plus side, it looks a lot cosier than a tent but on the downside, it’s still way too small. I’ve crammed as much furniture I can into it for now but I really need an upgrade. Luckily, Nook is only asking for 32,000 bells, so as soon as I’ve paid that I can upgrade it! I’ve also had to start work on getting my approval rating up, as I can’t start building stuff for the town until the villagers approve of me completely. Currently, I’m at 44%, so I’ve still got a bit to go yet, you can get your approval rating up by doing things such as talking to the townspeople, selling items to re-tail and donating stuff to the museum.

I was more distracted by the bug off event that was running today, which had me trying to catch rare bugs left right and centre. A charming, and fairly British sounding Chameleon called Nat was running the event. Essentially you had to catch him rare bugs, he’d then  assess the color and size and then you’d get a score for that bug. At first I scored pretty low with a firefly I’d caught last night, it only got me 32 points, but then I caught two rare bugs I’d never ever seen before – an Agrias butterfly and a Raja B. butterfly. Both of those got me some pretty good scores, the Agrias butterfly earnt me 83 points, which meant I got a special prize. You seem Nat told me that if I scored over 80 points, I’d get a rare prize and it was a pretty neat one too. I got a stag beetle chair, some people might be creeped out by it I guess but I like it and it now takes pride of place in my home.


Sadly I wasn’t around to collect my trophy, as my little sister was visiting Volantis, but she attended the results and unfortunately I was pipped at the post, I only came second place. Still, it will be nice to have a trophy to display in my home, even if it only is silver.

When you first start out in a new town, it’s hard to earn money. If you’re struggling I’ve got a couple of tips for you. Firstly, there’s a thing called the money rock. Every day a random rock will contain a decent amount of money inside it. You get the bells inside by hitting the rock with a spade but you’ll notice you’ll slip away after a couple of hits, so you won’t earn much. To get the most money of a rock, dig a hole behind you and then one either side of you to make sure your smacks aren’t interrupted, because as soon as they are, the money will stop coming. As well as a money rock, one of the rocks will also contain a gemstone of some kind, which is also worth a fair bit of money. You get these the same way, just hit a rock and you might be lucky enough to find one.

my house

When visiting my friend Matt’s town last night, he also gave me a great tip. At the moment, you can get a free present at the post office. Simply visit the post office and talk to Pelly about getting a present, she’ll then give you a cool rainbow screen! It’s really cute. Not bad for free, eh?

Anyway, I’d better wrap things up for now, hopefully those tips will help out my fellow mayors in New Leaf country.

Mayor Minxy