Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary – Day 1: Turning Over A New Leaf

So, that day has finally come. Many Animal Crossing fans have been waiting for this day since the game was announced some three or four years ago. Even though I’ve only been playing New Leaf for a day, I can already see it was worth the wait. From now on, I’ll be keeping a regular diary updating you on my adventures in New Leaf. I’ll be sharing any tips, tricks and funny moments I experience in my town, and I hope you enjoy it!

day 1 - 1

Planting a tree to signal my becoming of mayor!

Dear diary,

Today I became mayor. I wasn’t expecting to become mayor when I first started my journey to Volantis (+5 geek points if you know where I’ve named my town after), but it happened anyway. Before I knew what was happening I was planting a tree in my town and being greeted by Bones the dog, Antonio the anteater and Tiffany the rabbit. Everyone was very nice and confident I could do a great job at making Volantis a better place to live. However, I don’t exactly have a place to live myself yet! It’s going to take a day for Tom Nook to build my house so I’m temporarily staying in a tent at the moment. All I have is a lamp and a cupid bench, although there’s not much room for much else anyway.

I ran into a strange character today too. A seagull who looked a bit like Donald Duck was washed up on the beach. Apparently he was attacked by pirates and he’d suffered some memory loss. He couldn’t remember where he was supposed to be heading to but luckily he remembered enough of the countries stereotypes so I could work out where he was talking about.

day 1 - 3

Here I am, helping out the mysterious sailor

I picked up some pretty unusual stuff today I hadn’t seen before. When I hit one of the rocks a sapphire came out of it! I didn’t know what to do with it, so I just sold it, I assume you can’t do much else with it. Also, while I was collecting apples to sell, I found a perfect apple! It was all glittery, perhaps I should have planted a tree with it? All I did was sell it. If I find another one, I’ll try planting a tree with it next time and see if it creates a perfect tree.

Tomorrow my house will be finished, can’t wait to start customising that! I also can’t wait to stick my teeth into building public work projects for the town, although it might be quite tricky to decide what to build first. My friends and I are going to try and meet up soon too, I can’t wait to see what their towns look like!

Until tomorrow!

Mayor Minxy