Tyrion Lannister is Your Companion in Destiny

For several years now the world has come to know Peter Dinklage as one of HBO’S Game of Thrones’ most intelligent, capable, and pitiable characters.  The role of Tyrion Lannister is captivating to watch, as Dinklage uses his voice to convey Tyrion’s anger at being underestimated because of his size, and hated by those that share his blood because of the circumstances of his birth.  Dinklage has won awards and accolades for his portrayal as the youngest of the Lannister clan, and with the hit HBO series finished for the season, there were no clues as to what Dinklage might be doing in his downtime. That is where Bungie comes in.


During E3, most of the gaming public is caught up with the main stages, and very few people watch developer interviews that take place after all the lights go out in the main hall.  It’s in one of these interviews that Bungie, who hadn’t been involved much with the proceedings this year made the announcement that Peter Dinklage is going to be voicing a main character in their highly anticipated next-gen title, Destiny.

Dinklage will be playing Ghost, an interactive companion who stays by your side throughout your journey.  Think of him as Destiny’s Wheatley, only far less likely to go power mad and try to kill you.  Dinklage has great emotional range however, and having his voice guiding you and speaking to you could put the Ghost character on the short list of beloved companions right next to Epona from Ocarina of Time (if she could talk).

Ghost’s main role will be helping you to explore the ruins of ancient civilizations and resurrecting lost technology.  But if there is more to the character that will probably be revealed as we get closer to the launch date.  Until then, Bungie is keeping as many details close to their vests as possible.  Destiny is a first person shooter and Bungie has promised that it will be an interesting mesh between a single-player and multi-player experience.  Either way, with Peter Dinklage on their side, Destiny already has more positives than negatives going for it.

To hear the announcement, please watch the video.