A Few Great Next-Gen Console Memes

The Xbox One (such a classically bad name) and the PS4 (Predictable, safe, reliant on old fans) are coming this holiday season 2013, and they both want all your money. Yes, they want that entire pouch you’re grasping so tightly in your hands, so fork it over.

You don’t want to? Well, miraculously, quite a few people actually do feel the same way. Some of those people are the artistic type and took to the internet to create next-gen console memes that curtly depict some of the funniest moments in revealing these consoles.

Here are the best next-gen console memes from around the internet web of internet webbing.

1. TV on TV


Because that’s what it’s for, right?

2. PS+ is needed to play PS4 online, but that’s okay.


3. Terror, salutary terror, is the order of the day!

salutary terror


4. Don’t have the Internet? Might want to stick with the PS4…



5. How many people feel about Microsoft and the way they’ve been handling the Xbox One in general.



6. Gamers really just want to game. Shed the social features.




7. “This is where they’re gonna redeem themselves.” – What people said to themselves about the Xbox One leading up to E3



8. Some people just don’t want to let go. Ever.


9. The inherent problems with the Xbox One or Xbone as some others might blatantly call it.



10. The controller was just not complete without this here touch pad. It just was not complete.



Memes that didn’t quite make the cut because they were kinda obscure but here they are because they’re still pretty funny anyway: