Rumor: Sony Prepping to Ship 4x More Consoles Than Microsoft At Launch

If you head to your local Gamestop to pre-order one of the new upcoming consoles, you may run into a situation.

If you’re leaning towards Microsoft’s Xbox One as your console of choice you may have a hard time finding one for launch day. However, if you’re headed towards Sony’s corner, you’ll most likely have an easier time. Going strictly off of the situation at every local Gamestop in my area and reports coming in on message boards and other websites, it seems that this may be the case around the country concerning the retail giant.

Is Sony producing four times more PS4s for launch than Microsoft is for the Xbox One? It seems so based off of the pre-order allocations at these stores.

Reports from the internet aside, I walked into my local Gamestop and asked about pre-orders for both the PS4 and Xbox One. The employee there told me that they ran through their Xbox One allocation very quickly and were told that additional consoles for launch day were unlikely. On the PS4 side, he told me that the initial number of units the store would be receiving was much, much bigger than the amount of Xbox Ones. He even said that they may be getting more PS4s than the initial number, indicting that while Sony has released a ballpark number that the company would receive for launch day, more may be coming by then.

One online report by a redditor states that his local Gamestop received four times more pre-order allocations for the PS4 than the Xbox One.

With this in mind, it feels that Sony is ready to rock launch day and want to dodge any news articles about potential shortages. Microsoft on the other hand might be going down the “short supply, high demand” route. Either that or Microsoft believes that only Day 1 edition consoles should be sold on launch day.

Being touted as a very limited edition, that doesn’t seem very smart for a console launch.