PS4 Supports Used Games

Sony’s Policies Outshine Microsoft’s For Next Gen And They Know It

Both Sony and Microsoft had their E3 conferences yesterday, June 11. Microsoft’s conference took place in the morning and focused almost solely on games for the console. Familiar, formerly announced exclusives such as Quantum Break and Ryse: Son of Rome were shown along with new games such as Sunset Overdrive, a new game from Insomniac Games, and Dead Rising 3. The games shown were the strongest part of the conference, and featured a few pleasant surprises among them. The conference closed with the price of the console being revealed as $499. This is not bad for the next generation, as the PlayStation 3  last gen launched at $599. However, gamers were still sour due to Microsoft’s confirmation that the Xbox One will have to check in via internet connection at least once every twenty-four hours. After the press conference ended, gamers and press alike were anticipating Sony’s conference later that night to see how they counter Microsoft.

Oh, how they countered it.

I should start off with a disclaimer: I am not by any means a fanboy to any one company, as I usually find things to love on all systems, but Sony absolutely killed it at their conference last night. They started things off slow by showing small gameplay bits of The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, and other PS3 games. They jumped over to the Vita to talk about a handful of titles that are coming, and by that time, gamers that were tuning in to the conference were starting to get worried. Finally, after about a half an hour, they began talking about the PS4 by revealing what the console will look like. Some immediate reactions included that the console looks odd, but I personally find its appearance to be fine, and am generally not too concerned with the look of the consoles.

They began by talking about games they revealed in February at their reveal event.  Games such as InFamous: Second Son and Knack were given lengthy trailers. They also took this time to announce two new IPs – The Order: 1866 by Ready at Dawn Studios, and The Dark Sorcerer by Quantic Dream. While not much was shown on either of these games, they are from two of Sony’s best studios and are almost sure to deliver something satisfying. They continued by announcing a large handful of indie titles that will be making their console debuts on the PlayStation 4. Then, the host turned it over to Tetsuya Nomura from Square Enix who had some very interesting things to say (namely, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3). This was followed by a few recognizable games like Assassin’s Creed 4 and Watch Dogs, with a couple more reveals. For some people, the games shown at the Sony conference were not all that, but there is one thing that Sony pulled off that Microsoft did not.

For one thing, the PS4 will not restrict used games in any fashion, and you will simply be able to share the game with your friends by physically handing them the game or selling it back to the store. Also of note, the PS4 will not require a check-in period like the Xbox One will, which Sony CEO Jack Tretton managed to take a few potshots at. The conference ended with a final blow to Microsoft in the form of the PlayStation 4’s price tag of $399, and entire $100 less than the Xbox One. That is a huge advantage for Sony in more than one way, because they managed to get on the good side of gamers with their more laidback online and used games policies compared to Microsoft.

For an added bonus, and more proof that Sony is fully aware that their policies are more consumer friendly than Microsoft’s, check out the video below.