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Pokemon X And Y ‘Player Search System’ In Action

Last night saw the announcement of the PSS in Pokemon X and Y – the Player Search System, and now you can actually see the new system in action.

The Player Search System uses your StreetPass, and this system “alerts players when someone nearby is playing Pokemon X or Pokemon Y and gives you the option to battle or trade with them wirelessly”. This gives you the chance to potentially interact with anyone you find playing Pokemon.

The system also has a second function: “players with a wireless Internet connection can also connect with Pokemon X and Pokemon Y players anywhere in the world via the PSS, making it easier to battle or trade with others close by or thousands of miles away”. Because of this the Player Search System will not be region locked, and you can also trade directly from your PC even if you’re not in a Pokemon Centre!

Also, as mentioned in the highlights from the Pokemon Development Roundtable, when you first battle or trade with a person they become an ‘Acquaintance’. If you battle or trade with them twice they will become your ‘friend’. Have a look at this system in action in the screenshots below.

Pokemon X and Y Pokemon X and Y Pokemon X and Y Pokemon X and Y Pokemon X and Y Pokemon X and Y

Battling and trading with people all over the world couldn’t be easier. So far this is in addition to the traditional GTS system you might be used to from the old games. This new system places a lot of emphasis on meeting other players.


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