More Pokemon, Characters And Gym Leaders Revealed For Pokemon X And Y [UPDATED]

The Internet has exploded with even more news about Pokemon X and Y after the recent Nintendo Development Roundtable. This time we see even more Pokemon announced, as well as details on human characters and a gym leader! Exciting stuff!

First, let’s have a look at the new Pokemon, which were shown off in a new issue of CoroCoro. The details are a little lacking at the moment, and all of the names are Japanese but you can rest assure you’ll be kept up to date if anything changes!

Pokemon X and Y Pokemon X and Y


Shishiko is a lion cub Pokemon which is a Normal/Fire type. It can learn a move called ‘Battle Cry’, which lowers the opponent’s attack stat and it’s stats weigh in at 0.6m tall and 13.5kg. It kind of looks cute, but I’ve seen cuter. You then have a Flower Pokemon called Furabebe, which is one of the new Fairy type Pokemon (finally a new one!). Furabebe knows the move Fairy Wind, but we’re not exactly sure what it does yet. All we know is that Gardevoir is shown using this move in the Nintendo Direct trailer (which you can watch again below). It’s stats currently stand at 0.1m tall and 0.1kg (cute, tiny and adorable!)

As well as these new Pokemon, we can now see the prevolutions for Vivillon, which was announced yesterday. Both of these Pokemon are Bug types, and we now know that their names are Kofukimushi and Kofuurai. You can see both of these in the CoroCoro image below. Hopefully we will be able to find out their English names pretty soon!

Pokemon X and Y

Despite the fact that these are bugs, they’re actually quite adorable!

In another scan it shows several new characters, one of which is Sana. Sana appears to be the person who follows you around the forest in the early trailer, so this could be one of the multiple companions that have been mentioned a few times. An update which appeared on the Serebii website suggests that the other two characters are called Tieruno and Toroba (again I presume these are the Japanese names). You start the game in Asame Town after just moving there and the other gender character will also appear in your game, known as Callum or Serena respectively.

Pokemon X and Y

The girl to the left is Sana, who appears to be your companion.

And finally, we have the new Gym leader and another character who is set to appear in the anime. The image below introduces us to Pansy (presumably on the left) who is due to appear in the anime with Gogoat and Helioptile on July 18th, and to Viola. Viola is the first Gym leader who appears in Hakudan City. Serebii speculates that she is a user of Bug Pokemon, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet. This would be interesting as it deviates from the old first Gym leaders, and it would be pretty easy if you’re starting the game with a Fennekin!

Pokemon X and Y

Meet Pansy, on the left, and Viola the Gym Leader, on the right


As we predicted, more information has been released including the English names of the Pokemon and more details on the rivals/other characters. First, let’s look at the Pokemon. The list below shows the Japanese and the newly announced English names:

  • Kofukimushi > Scatterbug
  • Kofuurai > Spewpa
  • Shishiko > Litleo
  • Furabebe > Flabebe. Flabebe also has different FORMS – you can catch them with different coloured flowers but it’s not known whether this makes a difference to the Pokemon or their stats, other than their aesthetic appeal.

Next the region names have been confirmed, and you can find these in the list below:

  • The Kalos Region. While we already knew this name, it will be split into 3 areas: Central Kalos, Coast Kalos and Mountain Kalos.
  • Asame Town > Vaniville Town. This is your starting town, where you find your neighbours with the other gender character, and outside your house is your very own pet Rhyhorn.
  • Hakudan City > Santalune City. This is a nice, small and beautiful city which is home to the first gym. You also meet the journalist Alexa here, and receive your rollerskates.
  • Miare City > Lumoise City. A massive city that lets you ride a Gogoat to get around quicker!
  • Routes are also confirmed, and the route numbering system has once again been reset to start from Route 1.

Finally the other major update involves the characters. Both their English names and more details surrounding them have been released:

  • Calem & Serena. These are your next door neighbours in the game, and their appearance is opposite of the trainer you select in the game. They play the part of the normal rival, battling you throughout the game to test your skills.
  • Sana > Shauna. Shauna lives close to you in Vaniville Town, and is searching for her own dream. She’s cheerful and bubbly.
  • Tierno (this hasn’t changed). He also lives close to you in Vaniville Town, and is using his Pokemon to try and make the best Pokemon dance team. He easily gets distracted by watching Pokemon battles, trying to include some of their moves into his dance routines.
  • Trevor (hasn’t changed). The final character who lives close to you in Vaniville Town, he’s a fantastic student. He gives you your Pokedex and is eager to be the first one to complete it.
  • Pansy > Alexa. Alexa is supposed to be making an appearance in the anime, and she is the older sister of Viola, the Santalune City Gym Leader. She’s an aspiring journalist and works at a publishing house in Lumoise City.
  • Viola – Viola is the first Gym leader specialising in Bug-type Pokemon. Her Gym features giant cobwebs which you need to navigate to make your way to her!

There’s even another trailer for you to check out, which shows some of the new changes and some more of the awesome 3D gameplay footage. As per usual if any more details are announced we will update.