Miyamoto: Wii U Launch Title Delay is Due to Dev Teams Needing to “Adjust”

Nintendo’s legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto explained today that the reason there’s been delays for Wii U launch software is because of a change in technology, citing that development teams need “time to learn that and adjust their development environment in order to adapt to those big changes.”

Miyamoto addressed the idea of hiring more staff, saying that while the idea may seem to make sense, it isn’t the most feasible idea.

“Our focus is always on delivering the highest quality content, and simply increasing the development team size isn’t going to allow you to achieve the level of quality that we strive for,” he said. “You really have to kind of bring those people up gradually and help teach them how to develop games in order to achieve that consistent quality level.”

“It’s a little bit coincidental in that the hardware jump from DS to 3DS was quite big in terms of the difference between those two [platforms] and it just so happens that same scale of jump happened from Wii to Wii U, consecutively with those two pieces of hardware.”

Essentially, it’s taken longer than expected for certain games to come out because the teams behind them are still learning to adjust to the new hardware and its capabilities.

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(Thanks My Nintendo News)