5 Character Additions That Would Make The New Smash Bros. Awesome

The new Smash Bros. games have been announced, one for 3DS and one for Wii U. With their announcements came a few new characters in the form of Mega Man, a Villager from Animal Crossing and…the Wii Fit Trainer? The latter is an odd choice in my opinion, but it is definitely a surprise choice, which I respect. Mega Man will be a fantastic addition, and his move set will fit in perfectly with the series staples. Of course, more characters will likely be announced in the coming weeks and months, and a few may even be saved for the players to find out on their own when they play the game, but I have compiled a list of five characters that I believe would make good additions due to their style or move sets.

1) Black Mage (Final Fantasy)

The Black Mage is one of the most memorable and powerful jobs in the Final Fantasy series.

The Black Mage is one of the most powerful and respected jobs in the entire Final Fantasy series, and I think it would make a great addition to the Smash Bros. roster. The Black Mage could fling fireballs with one attack, call lightning to strike his foes in another, and end his combo by forcing his enemies upwards into the air with a powerful Aeroga. Assuming that Final Smashes are returning, Black Mage’s is easy to understand. He lifts his arms into the air and calls down a flock of meteors to wipe away his foes, covering the entire battlefield. Final Fantasy used to reign on a Nintendo console, and I think it would be interesting to see how he stacks up against Mario and Link.

2) Cecil (Final Fantasy IV)


Cecil debuted in Final Fantasy IV as a Dark Knight who worked for a corrupted empire. Throughout the game, Cecil begins to feel remorse for his actions and eventually becomes a Paladin, the exact opposite of what he was beforehand. This could function similarly to the Zelda/Sheik transformation. At the press of a button, Dark Knight Cecil could turn into Paladin Cecil, or vice versa. Dark Knight Cecil would feature more powerful attacks but slower movements, while Paladin Cecil could feature swift, light attacks. The same thing has pretty much been down in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, but it would definitely be nice to see another representative of the Final Fantasy brand in Smash Bros.

3) Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)


Shulk is the main protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles and the wielder of the mystical Monado. With the help of his weapon, Shulk could hit quickly and even slow down time a little bit in order to get past his opponents. His Final Smash could consist of powering up his Monado and swinging in every direction, bring any foes in his path to their knees. Also, if there is a story mode component to this game as there was in Brawl, I think the story could benefit from adding Shulk and a stage from the gorgeous world of Xenoblade. Xenoblade Chronicles was one of the best games on the Wii, and I hope that they represent it in Smash Bros.

4) Spyro (Skylanders)

spyroAh, Spyro, I will never get over what they did to you. Now, I should clarify, I enjoyed Skylanders quite a bit, but Spyro’s redesign cut deep. The reason I chose his Skylanders iteration instead of his original is that the Skylanders series has appeared on more Nintendo consoles than the original Spyro. Either way, however, I feel that Spyro could make a great addition to the roster because he is fast and has access to range attacks. Players could ram their opponents head-on or choose to stay back and breathe fire at them. His Final Smash could consist of a callback to the original games where he receives infinite fire and scorches his surrounding, destroying anything in his path. I mean, the poor dragon wasn’t even in PlayStation All Stars, so we have to put him in Smash.

5) Paper Mario


I actually cannot believe that Paper Mario has yet to appear in Smash Bros. I mean, Toon Link is a thing alongside regular Link, so why not Paper Mario and Mario? Their move sets would be similar, but Paper Mario could also call upon companions he has had in the past to deal damage to his foes. He could kick Kooper at his foes from afar, or plant Bombette right next to their feet. He could dodge simply by turning sideways, and his flimsy body allows him to move with the wind. His Final Smash could consist of a giant sticker from Sticker Star, or something to do with the star spirits in the first game. Either way, Paper Mario is a no-brainer, and I hope we get to see him in the newest Smash Bros. games.