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Wii U’s Casual Games, Wii Party U and Wii Fit U, Delayed Until Later This Year

During Nintendo’s E3 conference today, the company confirmed that both of their Wii U casual titles, Wii Party U and Wii Fit U, will be delayed until the end of this year. Wii Party U will be delayed until October, and Wii Party U will make an appearance in Winter (just in time for Christmas!)

Nintendo Chief Executive Satoru Iwata explained that the reason Wii Fit U has been delayed is because Nintendo wants to add more features, specifically working on the revealed Fit Meter, and that both games “needed more time for development”. Who can complain at that? Personally I would rather have a bit of a delay but have a better and more complete game than something that was rushed to meet a deadline.

Despite these delays, a gameplay trailer for Wii Party U showed four-player party play, including an example where four players use one Wii U Game Pad (that’s going to get confusing or competitive…). The game is also set to include 80 different mini-games!

With these new release dates both games will hit the after-Christmas/New Year resolutions time as well, making them perfect for those determined to ‘get fit’ for 2014 (a typical New Year’s resolution).