Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Two New Pokemon Have Been Added To The Pokemon X And Y Pokedex

Two new Pokemon have been revealed for Pokemon X and Y, which currently brings the Pokedex total at 12. Allow me to present to you, the Pokemon fan, Noivern and Vivillon.

Pokemon X and Y

Noivern is the Sound Wave Pokemon and is a flying/dragon type. This creepy bat/dragon hybrid is extremely combative and will attack anything that wanders too close, using the ultrasonic waves that emits from its ears to attack (Ok…) These waves are apparently so strong that they can reduce large boulders to small pebbles (Poor Graveler…)

It also knows the normal move “Boomburst” which emits an explosive sound wave that attacks all surrounding Pokemon. This means that it will attack your own Pokemon, so be careful when using it in tag-team battles!

Pokemon X and Y

Vivillon, on the other hand, is a new bug/flying Pokemon that’s actually quite pretty. Apparently there is a secret behind it’s colorful decorative pattern, and it uses it’s strong wings to cause huge wind attacks (kind of like Butterfree in my opinion). It can learn “Struggle Bug” which lowers the special attack of any opposing Pokemon it hits, as well as causing damage. Quite handy!

What do you think to these lovely new Pokemon? Could we see even more added at the Pokemon talk tonight? Guess we’ll all have to wait and see!