The PS4 Is Region Free, Has A 500GB Hard Drive, and Can Be Pre-Ordered Now

The news never stopped last night, even after Sony’s bombshell of a conference.

First up in the stage floor news is the hard drive size for the console. At launch the PS4 will contain a 500GB hard drive but may include options for bigger sizes. Sony said that as of right now only the $399, 500GB version will be available this holiday season but there may be more for higher prices.

Secondly, if you’re an importer and enjoy the larger library of RPGs, Diva games, SHMUPS, and other types of Japan favorites that normally don’t make it over to the West then fret not! The PS4 is region free so you can import to your heart’s will. PlayAsia and other importers must be jumping for joy.

Lastly, Amazon and other selected retails have begun pre-orders for the PS4. You can find the Amazon page here. You can also find a nice bunch of games that are up for pre-order, as well.