Nintendo Announces Super Mario 3D World For The Wii U

This December, the new 3D Mario game will be out for the Wii U and don’t be confused with the 3DS title with a similar name. This is not Super Mario 3D LAND. 3D World will be out later this year and while it does draw a lot of inspiration from the 3DS title, Nintendo has included a large multiplayer feature to help separate the two.

Super Mario 3D World will support up to four players and each of the four playable characters will be unique. They will have special abilities that can help out in special situations. The four characters are: Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad.

There is also a new suit called the Cat Suit. Using the new suit characters can pounce on enemies and hang on walls. There are also new uses for Yoshi and some sort of skate that were teased.