Last Guardian “Now on Hiatus”, According to Sony

Dun dun dun. In an intervew with GameTrailers today, Sony’s own Jack Tretton confirmed that the long-anticipated The Last Guardian from Team Ico is now on “hiatus”.

“Projects never ultimately go away. The Last Guardian isn’t going away but is on hiatus right now.” He explained.

The Last Guardian was first revealed back in 2009 for the PlayStation 3, and after multiple delays and important studio staff taking leave, the game looked to be targeting a release on the PlayStation 4. Many hopefuls were even banking on the idea that the game would be unveiled as part of Sony’s E3 2013 press conference.

But to no avail. The game has been put on “hiatus” status, and although this does not mean it is dead, it does mean that fans will have to wait even longer before they ride the bird…dog…cat creature.

Keep it locked here for the next five years to learn more about The Last Guardian’s fate. I kid. Mostly.

UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that The Last Guardian is not dead and is still in development. And the plot thickens…

(Thanks Eurogamer)