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How Sony Dealt The Knock-Out Blow In This Year’s E3

Jon Jones and Benson Henderson were not the only ones present at E3 with knockout power. After Microsoft’s conference was generally considered a success, the pressure was on Sony to “wow” the crowd.

From the moment that the PS4 logo hit the screen, the tidal wave began. From exclusives and game trailers to the hardware reveal and specifications, Sony had the gaming world on the edge of their seats.

With Microsoft’s conference in mind, Sony dropped subliminal messages at the Xbox One here and there until finally going on a full on onslaught in what felt like a rallying cry before charging into battle.

Sony has always been all about the games. Competing with Microsoft, who previously had the edge on exclusives, was difficult. But since Microsoft has decided to go against the community, Sony has become the hero of the people.

The first part of the conference felt a little like they were beating around the bush. With the audience excited to hear more about the PS4, Sony bid their time and timed their small jabs at Microsoft.

BMcVkQcCIAEHZEm-610x434First, they throw up the screen with “PS4 Supports Used Games”, and the crowd erupts into cheers and applause. Hell they even released a video on YouTube mocking Microsoft’s new DRM policy. Just to clarify, they expressed their belief that once you buy your game, you have the right to use that copy, be it to give away, lend it to a friend, trade in or keep forever. Microsoft is staggered.

To this, the crowd starts a “Sony, Sony, Sony” chant. Microsoft has no choice but to take the hits.

Then comes the haymaker. No PS4 game discs have the need to connect to the Internet to function or for authentication. Nor will the PS4 require you to check in online “within 24-hours” if you don’t want to. Don’t have access to Internet, no problem. Sony grabs the victory by way of knockout.

The icing on the cake however, is that Microsoft’s online service “Xbox Live” has been matched by Sony in the form of PlayStation Plus. However, there are no qualms because PS4’s version of the PlayStation Plus will retain the host of free games that come with purchasing it now. If you already have PlayStation Plus, don’t even worry about the transition. You’ll have access to content across all PlayStation systems (Vita, PS3 and PS4). PlayStation Plus will get DriveClub on launch, and a free game every month thereafter, fantastic!

With this in mind, Sony may have won this battle, but will they win the (console) war?  We will have that answer come this holiday season when both consoles go head to head on the shelves.

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