E3 Recap: Ubisoft’s Press Conference

With both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One set to be the stars at this year’s E3, there wasn’t quite as much pressure riding on the publishers this year, who would both be discussing current gen games and their upcoming next gen titles. Still, although the pressure wasn’t as high, both EA and Ubisoft managed to deliver on their conferences by showing off games that both looked interesting and had some variety.

Ubisoft’s conference opened with a reveal of Rocksmith 2014, a new installment in a franchise that has tapered in popularity over the years. The game promises to be the best teaching tool possible for those who want to learn to play guitar, and an impressive set from one of Alice in Chains’ leading guitarists helped set the stage for Ubisoft’s announcements to come.

Soon after, the infamous Aisha Tyler took the stage to host the conference, sporting both a t-shirt with #girlwood written on the front and her classic carefree attitude Aisha proved once again to be a great host for the conference with her use of wit and level of comfort onstage.

After the Rocksmith demo, we were treated to a look at the upcoming Splinter Cell: Blacklist, a game that both looks impressive and promises to see the return of the classic Spies vs. Mercernaries multiplayer mode.

Rayman Legends made an early appearance as well, with a new trailer that featured a new character, musical maps, and 120 new levels. We’ll  be able to play Rayman Legends on September 3rd, and I can’t wait a day more.

Ubisoft also used their conference as a chance to show off a new game called The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, a game that looks to have tower defense elements to it as it charges you with protecting your personal stash of loot from your sneaky and invading friends. It debuted with quite possibly one of the best trailers of the show, and those interested can check out the beta on the game’s website.

Now that it finds itself in the safe hands of Ubisoft and has been transferred from the now-dead THQ, South Park: The Stick of Truth gave us another glimpse at the crude RPG from the minds of Matt Parker and Trey Stone. Yes, it’s alive, and yes, it’s still coming. Also, Nagasaki farts. Look it up.

Later, Yves Guillmot took to the stage and announced The Crew, a new racing game featuring dynamic multiplayer and seamless gameplay that has seen a rather loud audience touting it on social networking websites. There has been a large contigency of racing games at E3 this year so far, and I’m personally interested to see how they make good on their different promises for a more interesting and redefining racing experience.

And of course, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag made an appearance at the conference as well through two trailers that showed some of the mechanics and aesthetics of the game itself. No demos were shown at the conference, surprisingly.

Watch Dogs got another impressive trailer as well that both hinted at gameplay mechanics and gave us another look at the antihero who is the game’s protagonist, Aiden Pierce. The game had multiple appearances at the conference, and Ubisoft themselves also called the game the “defining” title of the next gen consoles. Yes, it looked impressive. And yes, shut up and take my money and so on.

Two other new games were announced, including Trials Fusion and Just Dance 2014. Both games have all new features, including a mobile integration for Trials and several new modes for Just Dance. They were interesting enough, but felt lost in the wave of other announcements from Ubisoft during the conference.

Games with television show integration seems to continue to be a running theme at E3 this year, and Ubisoft had their own hat to throw into the ring. They announced that the Rabbids would be getting their own television show on Nickelodeon, explaining that you would be able to play along and control the actions of the characters in the show. How exactly this works is still somewhat confusing, but I’m still curious to learn more. Add this to Defiance, Halo, and Quantum Break as games who are looking to branch out into different parts of the entertainment industry. Whether or not this formula will work is anyone’s guess, but it’s still an interesting concept.

Finally, Yves came out and interrupted Aisha before the conference closed out in a classic “one more thing” move that revealed the next game from Massive Entertainment: a new game in the Tom Clancy franchise called The Division. The game discusses the idea of a pandemic and survival in a world that is near apocalypse. It featured seamless PvP gameplay and looked a bit like Watch Dogs. And although it wasn’t quite as captivating as Watch Dogs was at last year’s E3, it still looked like a promising new IP for Ubisoft to roll out more details on in the near future.

Overall, Ubisoft’s conference was not by any means groundbreaking, but they did strike a nice balance between showing off games on current consoles and giving us a glimpse of what the future holds.