E3 2013: New Pokemon X And Y Development Roundtable Highlights

Pokemon fans practically exploded in excitement while waiting for the Pokemon ‘Nintendo Development Roundtable’ event, which wasn’t streamed leaving fans relying on Twitter. And boy, were they not disappointed. Several pieces of important information were revealed during the event, which we have summed up here for you (whether you missed it or just simply want a reminder).

Pokemon X and Y

The first important piece of information is that two new Pokemon were revealed (which you can see above, thanks to Pokebeach.com) – Skrelp and Clauncher. Both Pokemon originally appeared on the Internet several hours before the Pokemon event, and both were confirmed and shown in action during the event itself. Skrelp is a Poison/Water type Pokemon and Clauncher is a pure Water type Pokemon. Both of them certainly make interesting additions to the Pokedex, and bring the current total of new Pokemon to 14! Both of these Pokemon were used in battle against each other as part of a demonstration, and you can also see this in this next image.

New Pokemon in Pokemon X and YPokemon will be released around the globe at the same time so that all players can begin their new Pokemon journey at the same time, and the new games are expected to refine the “core aspects of Pokemon games: collecting, battling and trading”. To accommodate the global release, Pokemon X and Y will be available in 1 of 7 languages, which is great if you’ve ever wanted to learn any of the following: Engligh, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese or Korean. Granted translating the 800,000 Japanese characters into each of these languages is going to take a while (this roughly equates to 1.4 million words in English!)

Another important addition is the new PSS – Player Search System. This allows players to search for other players locally or globally (via your 3DS’s wi-fi) for battling or trading. This appears to be in addition to the GTS, which so far hasn’t been scrapped. This allows you to connect and see people 24/7, and if you battle a person once you will become ‘acquaintances’ with them. Battle them twice and you’ll become friends! (See, making friends is really that easy!) What makes this better is that the PSS is NOT region specific, so you can meet people from all over the world. This new system also interacts with your 3DS friends list, so your 3DS friends will be your friends in the game. Also, trading can be done from anywhere, not just inside a Pokemon Centre!

Something that was announced earlier at the Nintendo E3 event was the Pokemon-Amie system. This allows you to interact with your Pokemon and gain a deeper bond with them, and acts almost like a Tamagochi. You can read more about this in our previous article. It has been hinted though that interacting with Pokemon can actually have an additional benefit in battle, so remember to be nice to your Magikarps! It just might remember it when it evolves…

A huge revelation (that I’m particularly excited about) is a new battle scenario. Allow me to introduce you to Horde Encounters!

Pokemon X and Y

Horde Battles are 5 on 1 battles (you’re the 1) which are designed to help stop people catching awesomely powerful Pokemon in the wild and blitzing through the game. Or at least, that’s one of the current theories around it. You also are meant to get more experience from these kind of battles (I would assume so!) I have to say that this sounds awesome – I can just imagine a Dragonite against 5 Pokemon in an epic battle to the ‘death’, emerging victorious. Knowing my luck it would be 5 Magikarp though. Either way this is only one of the exciting new battle modes added, because Sky Battles were quickly announced after!

Sky Battles, as you might have guessed, are battles in the Sky. This provides a whole new dimension to Pokemon training, as you will need a decent Flying Pokemon to participate in this. Alternatively, as shown in a demonstrative video, you can also use a Pokemon that has Levitate (Haunter was used in the demo). According to Bulbepedia, this means that 33 Pokemon who aren’t Flying types will be usable in Sky Battles, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet, only that some will be usable.

Pokemon X and Y

This announcement introduced another new Pokemon, Talonflame, which is a new Fire/Flying type Pokemon. Based on this information it could be safe to bet that Talonflame will be an evolution of Fletchling, although why it goes from Normal/Flying to Fire/Flying is beyond me.

After these announcements came the Q & A sessions, where several issues were discussed:

  • Firstly the game will not feature multiple save files, which means no letting siblings play your games! Or parents. This is typical for a Pokemon game however, and wasn’t exactly something we expected to change.
  • Pokemon X and Y features various ways to get around the environment. Firstly there are rollerskates which allow you to move around faster. There is also the grinding (which you can see in the previous trailer) and there is your Pokemon Mount. Originally it was thought that only Gogoat can be used as a mount, however a new video showed a Rhyhorn being used. It’s been announced that other mounts can be used for the different terrains, and these mounts are Borrowed. Also they are NOT included in your party number, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up previous space.
  • The movement is confirmed to be based on an 8-way basis, although battles are still based on a grid. Using rollerskates can take you off of this grid.
  • Importing your old Pokemon from old games currently ISN’T possible, but they are working on it. This is presumably how you will ‘catch them all’ and plays a huge part in the Pokemon games, so it’s really something that needs to be working.
  • There is currently no confirmed Pokedex numbers, so at the moment all we know is that there are 15 new Pokemon now.
  • A question nobody was expected to ask was about DLC. Currently there is no solid plans for Pokemon DLC, although they are exploring the possibilities. Pokemon DLC? Really?
  • The region of France was apparently chosen because it focuses on Beauty, and the game is definitely beautiful.
  • For anyone concerned with training, IV’s and EV’s will be present in the game still but will be more visible and easier to understand. This will hopefully make training up your Pokemon that little bit easier!
  • As for character customisation, you can change your hairstyle and appearance, so there is some customisation. This will also show over the PSS.
  • The music has changed from previous games. This time it is going to be less edited and compressed, and dynamically changes with what is happening on screen. It has a completely different feel from previous Pokemon games, which is great. Also you can choose your own battle music for battles over the Internet, instead of having the same song forever on repeat.
  • The enemy team hasn’t been revealed!
  • The game has multiple rivals, but the main focus is on meeting other real players than your rival, which is where the PSS system comes in.
  • It wasn’t explained how Mewtwo changes form, so this is still something to look forward to in the future. Also there is the possibility that the new Mewtwo may appear in a future Smash Brothers game! When asked about it, Mr Masuda said that there were no plans, but you never know!

And finally, the big question a lot of people have been wondering: why was the Fairy type added to the game? The simple reason is that is will nerf dragons. Originally pure Dragon type Pokemon were pretty hard to beat, unless they were dual types which gave them a weakness. Dragon was only weak to Dragon. Now Dragons are weak to Fairy types, and it is designed to provide mode balance to the game. It also wasn’t announced what Pokemon would be reclassified as a Fairy type (other than the 3 shown in the earlier Nintendo Direct) or what Fairy Pokemon would be weak to.

The Q & A session ended with a brand new trailer showing off the new features we’ve talked about previously, which you can check out below. I think we can agree that Pokemon X and Y just got that extra bit more impressive.

What do you think about all these new announcements? Looking forward to the Fairy type, or do you think it will break the game?