Command And Conquer Screen

Command & Conquer Will Enter Closed Beta This Summer

Command & Conquer is probably a name a lot of gamers are familiar with. The franchise has existed since 1995 and is one of the main games people think of when you mention real-time strategy, or rts. Now Electronic Arts has announced their new title, Command & Conquer, will be making its way into closed beta this summer, raising the bar for real-time strategy games.

This game, set in the popular Command & Conquer Generals series, will deliver “unparalleled immersion and best in class visuals and dynamic physics”, as well as be powered by the new Frostbite engine. Victory Games wants you to control more – more Generals, more strategy and more direct feedback in the game. To sign up to be part of the closed beta phase, all you need to do is visit the Command & Conquer website and click on the ‘Sign up to Beta’ button. It’s really that simple. The beta will be starting late this summer.

Jon Van Caneghem, General Manager of Victory Games, EA, had the following to say in the game’s press release:

The community has always been and will continue to be paramount to the success of Command & Conquer. Being a live platform, we have the freedom to be respective and to deliver content that our players care about at launch and beyond. As developers, this sort of direct and evolving relationship with our audience is incredibly exciting and we can’t wait to hear what players think about this new Command & Conquer experience.

The new Command & Conquer game has the same elements in the core game experience as previous iterations, but introduces a large variety of Generals, giving each commander the freedom to conquer on their own terms and in a completely unique way. The three factions – Global Liberation Army, European union and Asia Pacific Alliance – give you full command of the battlefield, with each General having their own battle style, personality and, most importantly, armory. This means there are plenty of strategies for you to play, whether you prefer base defense, stealth, all-out-annihilation or rushing. Sounds pretty good to me!

Command & Conquer will be amplifying classic rts elements for the next-generation of PC games, from new modes (like Onslaught, an objective-based co-op mode) to the familiar ones (such as Multiplayer Deathmatch). Players of all skill levels will be able to enjoy the all-out warfare experience, and to make it even better Command & Conquer will be available as a free, live service for the PC in late 2013.

In case all of this hasn’t persuaded you to like the game yet, how about watching the E3 trailer, ‘Welcome Back General’? Here it is, for your enjoyment:

On a final note, you must be 18+ years old to participate in the beta (as much of a bummer as this might be). I really enjoyed Generals, so I’m hoping that this turns out to be just as good, if not better! (No pressure there from the hundreds of die-hard fans!)