Bayonetta 2 Showcases at Nintendo’s E3 Conference, Much To Fans Delight

Bayonetta 2 made a jaw-dropping appearance at Nintendo’s E3 conference today, much to the fans delight. Currently the title is set for a 2014 release date on the Wii U (with no other details given).

The new trailer revealed some action-packed gameplay, as well as the new look for Bayonetta herself. The lovely lady now sports a shorter haircut and a barrage of new weaponry, as well as two mysterious new characters: one with a gold mask and spiked staff and the other a much younger person, wearing a hoodie and a gold chain (is it bad that for a second I think of a ‘gangster’?) Nintendo didn’t give any details as to the identities of these mystery characters, so you can probably guess they’ve got something interesting in store for us. Make sure you check out the E3 video below. I have to say, it was one of my favourite for the entire presentation!

As you’d expect with the Bayonetta sequel, the trailer was action packed with over-the-top sequences against massive enemies, along with some anticipated slow-motion sequences.

Hopefully Nintendo will release more details on the game before it drives us insane trying to figure out who the two new characters are.