Are TV Adaptations Of Popular Franchises A Good Idea?

At the Xbox One’s reveal not too long ago, a Halo TV series was announced as being produced by Steven Spielberg. Also, last night, at the Ubisoft press conference, a television adaptation of their signature Rabbids characters was revealed to air on Nickelodeon sometime soon, named Rabbids Invasion. The Halo show announcement strikes me as odd, while the Rabbids television show could be a good idea in my eyes. The Rabbids show will be aimed towards children, and I feel that the personality of the Rabbids make it a good match for Nickelodeon, although there is one aspect of it that I do not see as a benefit: the interactivity. From what Ubisoft showed last night, the show will allow players to play certain mini-games as similar situations happen on screen. Although they only showed a single mini-game, I did not get the sense that it was as polished or fun as they believe it to be. Of course, i cannot begin to imagine whether or not a kid will like it, as I know I’ve like stupider things when I was a kid. I even like stupider things now, probably. However, Ubisoft showed a menu of only a handful of mini-games. Hopefully more are added onto the original amount as the show gains popularity.

Then, on the other hand, we have the Halo television series. I am not the biggest Halo fan, and I am probably not who this show is for, but by the reactions of those around me who are big fans of Halo, I can gather that not too many of them really care about a Halo television series. One would put their money on the fact that this show is designed for people who like themselves some Halo lore, although I do not know anyone like that. Certainly there are people out there who obsess over Halo’s story details, but I personally do not know any of them. It strikes me as odd that Microsoft would attempt to squeeze a television show out of one of its flagship titles which is praised mainly for its multiplayer, not its campaign.

Also worth noting when talking about this is Defiance. This recent MMO sort of reverses the process that Rabbids Invasion is attempting in the sense that the television show technically aired before the game was released, and episodes of the show influence missions in the game, instead of the game influencing episodes of the show. Although Defiance suffers from some bugs, as is common in most MMOs, the television interaction with the game has been praised by some as innovative and fun. I know that Ubisoft is not trying to accomplish anything groundbreaking with Rabbids Invasion, but the idea of mindlessly incorporating mini-games when the child could simply sit down and watch the show is mind boggling.

No matter what, only time will tell how successful both of these new projects will be, although I hope for the sake of Halo fans that its television adaptation does not do anything too drastic to the series’ next installments.