Xbox One: Ryse: Son Of Rome Revealed

Revealed intially with a stylish CGI trailer ending with a Roman Soldier, Microsoft showed off the close to completion version of Crytek’s Ryse: Son Of Rome.

First revealed to the public at E3 2011 with a debut trailer but no gameplay, many had thought that the silence since was telling. Now they have revealed full gameplay and it looks pretty nice.

Following the initial trailer, Microsoft showed off a gameplay video showing off gory deaths such as a man with an arrow through his eye, explosions and lots of Roman soldiers storming a beach while hacking down enemies. The graphics shown on the game were very impressive, lighting and character models being a standout and the gameplay was interesting showing QTE close-quarters combat and utilizing the age old combat technique of the Roman phalanx (look it up, it was cool). According to the developer, the game will allow you to control your army of Roman soldiers on the battlefield as you are their General.

The game is being created by Crytek Games, the developers of the Crysis series of games and also the creators of the CryEngine technology. The newest CryEngine will be utilized in Ryse: Son Of Rome to bring cutting edge visuals to the next generation Microsoft console.

Playable at E3 2013, the game will be coming to the next generation Xbox One console at launch in November.

Is this an exciting game to you? Would Crytek entice you with a Roman soldier based third person game? Let us know in the comments.