Xbox One

Xbox One: Pricing and Date Revealed

Microsoft finally revealed the date and pricing for the next Xbox, the Xbox One.

The console will be sold for $499, a far cry from the $399 suggested by the analysts leading up to the E3 presentation. This is the first confirmation of a pricing for next generation consoles as we have only bee told of the existence of them and nothing else. With Sony’s presentation tonight, we will be able to see whether there will be direct competition from the PlayStation 4 or whether Sony will undercut Microsoft. Sony may even announce their console as more expensive but they have done that too many times to make that mistake once again.

Along with that news came that they will be releasing the console in November 2013 worldwide. This means that all the launch titles will be available alongside the console before Christmas. Again, we don’t know when Sony’s console will be released yet so for now, Microsoft is first! Yeah!

Start saving your money people, next generation is getting expensive. Is $499 a good price for you or would you now not buy the console due to its price? Let us know in the comments below!