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Xbox One Allows You To Stream On Twitch

At today’s Microsoft E3 conference, Microsoft made an announcement that will stun anyone who streams their gameplay: Microsoft have teamed up with Twitch to allow users to stream gameplay with a simple voice command from your Xbox One console. This feature is built in to the console itself, and the integration allows Xbox Gold Live members to instantly broadcast their games on their own Stream channels.

This is looking to be a great partnership for both Microsoft and Twitch. Twitch already have more than 35 million unique viewers a month and more than 600,000 unique broadcasters each month, and you can expect these numbers to go up significantly in the future. You can also interact with other streams using your Live profile, allowing you to have direct contact with the streamer, almost as if you’re using the Twitch app. If you’re not into streaming your games (a little shy perhaps?) then this will also allow you to watch Twitch videos straight on your Xbox One console.

This was demoed during a live demo of Killer Instinct (which was also revealed at the Microsoft E3 conference this year). With a simple voice command you can stream your gameplay.

What do you think of having Twitch on the Xbox One? Is it a good idea, or is it perhaps something the console world doesn’t really need?