Ubisoft E3: 2013 Watchdogs

Next up Aisha Tyler asks us to imagine being able to pull up the information of everyone in the world where you can bring up the information of anyone you want whenever you want.  After the obligatory NSA joke, Dominique Guay let’s us in on the world of our lead character Aiden Pierce of the much hyped Watchdogs.

The trailer shows us Aiden Pierce as he monologues wanting vengeance on information brokers of some kind.  We don’t know how he was wronged, just that he is and he uses his access to the world’s information to not only get into building but bring down power grids for his escape. Aiden is more of a brawler in his fighting style as he attacks his enemies and a hapless police officer on the darkened streets whose lights he brought down.  There is no word on how Aiden can do what he does, how he got the information he has the ability to see only that he knows our secrets. The trailer eventually pans out showing us the hidden secrets of the public as Aiden tells us that we will never be free again. Dominique Guay comes back on screen to let us know that more will of course be on the floor.

More information to come later

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