Ubisoft Announces Tom Clancy’s The Division For Next Gen Systems

In a dark and frightening trailer, we see a pandemic begin at a virus is spread around using the systems that run society such as money and transportation. Known as a Darkwinter outcome, this type of scenario details how a country and society break down during something like this.

From Massive Entertainment, a scenario like this hits during Black Friday and mass chaos ensues. This is the next generation of Tom Clancy games entitled The Division.

Featuring a massive open and persistent world, The Division has tactical insurgents trying to quell the chaos. Lots of chatter between players highlights the kind of cooperative gameplay needed to take out missions and objectives.

Amazing graphics and physics join with the need for smart gameplay and strategy.

We watched a live gameplay presentation of a team heading towards a police station that’s admist a gunfight and needs assistance. When the players reach the station, they fight some terrorists (or perhaps just some looters taking advantage of the scenario) and then enter the station to help the police and get some weapon upgrades from the armory there.

The demo was being played on stage on the PS4 but will also come to the Xbox One. The segment ended with lights blacking out and confetti raining down with blue lights. Weird exit but the demo was awesome.