Ubisoft Announces Rabbids Invasion Interactive TV Show For Xbox One and Nickelodeon

Spawning from the Rayman spin-off series, Ubisoft announced a Rabbids TV Show for Nickelodeon. Rabbids Invasion will be an interactive TV show where the watchers will be able to be a part of the show via Xbox One and Kinect.

Rabbids Invasion will feature the crazy characters in puzzles, scenarios, and other types of games. Players will be able to help the Rabbids and play alongside them. The show will use pop ups to show kids (and adults?) playing on their Xbox Ones.

One game had three Rabbids, controlled by two kids and their father, get behind a cow where bad things are happening. The three start to scream and apparently the loudest screamer wins.


Rabbids will be out for Xbox One and TV’s “coming soon”.