The Crew Announced At Ubisoft’s E3 Conference For Next Gen Systems

If Need for Speed Rivals, which features the police chasing down racers with a variety of tools at their availability, isn’t the direction you want from your next gen racer of choice then Ubisoft has you covered.

The Crew, just announced by Ubisoft at their E3 conference, has a band of racers utilizing specific car parts to take down their opposition and complete missions such as interception money trucks and the like.

The trailer shown off at E3 started in a garage where a car was assembled piece-by-piece and this theme stayed true throughout the trailer. Whenever a new objective came into play, the cars within the band of players upgraded to tackle something new such as terrain, heavy trucks, or a need for some octane.

The Crew allows 4 players to meet up in-game inside of a persistent, online world to create a “crew”, customize their cars, and take on missions together. The Crew will need to keep upgrading or adding to their cars to ensure they can do certain objectives. The customization engine in The Crew is deep. Players can strip vehicles down to the wheels and engine and build it back up to be a specialized car for a special mission.

Members of a crew can tackle objectives in different sections of the United States, shown in-game by a player driving a truck in a forest and another in Nevada. The four players in the crew then met up in Miami to do a Takedown Mission of a rival player. The police also get involved as you hear updates through your police scanners.

This is almost like an MMO racer for next gen.

The Crew will be out for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 in early 2014.