Sony Shows New Footage and Gives Release Dates For Killzone, Drive Club, inFamous, and Knack PS4 Titles

Shown back in February, Sony has updated four of the biggest reveals back during the PS4 reveal conference with new footage.


Killzone: Shadow Fall: The upcoming, next gen Killzone game looks even better as the new footage brings us to the forest with vibrant colors and graphics. We see some up close and personal kill shots, new tech like shields, and a drone buddy that helps the player out. The drone looks awesome as it can snipe out enemies, show them in the dark, and even help kill. Killzone: Shadow Fall will be a launch title for the PS4.


Drive Club: More flashy graphics but not much gameplay. Drive Club looks incredible but we need to see more. Drive Club will be a launch title for the PS4.


inFamous: Second Son: We got a lot more story this time around and there’s a very nice brother aspect going on between the main character and his, well, brother. The fire powers were also shown off some more with some high flying and high risk abilities. Second Son will release on the PS4 on 2/1/14.


Knack: We got some more excellent footage for Knack but no other details. The footage showed more of the hectic and high particle gameplay as well as the versatility of the main character. Knack will be a launch title for the PS4.