Sony Showcases The Coming Games For PS3 From First Party Studios

E3 2013 isn’t just for the PS4. We already saw what the company has in store for the Vita but now we’re getting a view into what’s upcoming for the PS3.

Sony has showcased a list of high quality games for the PS3 including: The Last of Us, Puppeteer, Mimo, Beyond: Two Souls, Gran Turismo 6


The Last of Us: While this is the closest game to release shown at E3, it is still breathtaking to see it in action. The Last of Us had a new trailer to show us some of the more intense moments.

Puppeteer: Cute graphics and character mixed with tons of action and epic boss fights.

Mimo: A lovely looking title with amazing graphics. Looks like a Vita title but so much more.

Beyond: Two Souls: We got some new gameplay bits here as we see Ellen Page’s character in the midst of a middle eastern town being shot at. Beyond looks incredible with facial expressions and mouth movement so realistic.

Gran Turismo 6: Not much shown here but they showcased the new rendering engine which, even on the PS3, looks better than some of the PS4 games we’ve seen so far.