Rayman Legends Shown Off At Ubisoft’s E3 Conference With A New Character And Release Date

It wouldn’t be E3 without Rayman, right?

Rayman Legends was shown off at E3 during the Ubisoft Conference and the new trailers (yes, plural) showed off a new character. This newcomer is a female axe-wielder with wings on her helmet allowing her to glide.

The game, which now has a release date of September 3rd, now also has music levels and an unspecified number of over 120 levels.

Rayman Legends has been a long time coming but Ubisoft has taken advantage of the long dev time by adding more playable characters, levels, and polish. The game does look fantastic and vibrant and with a plethora of consoles to come out now, Legends is bigger than ever and better, too.