Quantic Dream Unveils An Impressively Peculiar Tech Demo

Whenever Quantic Dream releases a “tech demo”, you can be sure of two things: it will be graphically impressive, as this was, , and it won’t make a lot of sense, as this one did.  However, this one was a little more cryptic than most.

Called The Dark Sorcerer, our demo begins with a nefarious wizard performing some sort of conjuring ritual.  As he performs his incantations, we get a look at the impressive fire and shadow effects going on.  A small creature, who bears a striking resemblance to Yoda, starts cackling along with him,when all of a sudden, he stops.

The camera pans out, and we see a green screen.  Yes, the two were actors, and we get a humorous exchange between the two characters and the cameraman.  The demo shows off some very impressive facial animations, but, beyond that, nothign else is know about this mysterious project.  It almost certainly has nothing to do with their other title Beyond: Two Souls, so stay tuned to get all the details.