Project Spark

Project Spark Demoed At E3 2013

Project Spark showed players how you can start with nothing and build up into your own world, setting the land, setting and even the time of day. Project Spark is a new and exclusive game coming to the Xbox One and Windows 8, and can be assisted by the Kinect functions and SmartGlass.

In under 1 minute the E3 demo showed the creation of a new world, complete with village and behaviours, and you can even make yourself new friends (as shown by the lovely Rock companion!) You can create friends, enemies and effectively create your own small games which you can even share with other people.

What’s more is that you can play the entire world with other players, morphing the world as you go and creating mass destruction (in the name of good, of course). Worlds can be uploaded and shared so the whole world can experience your genius (or your evil). Whichever way you swing is up to you! It features a quirky and bright art style and your creations are pretty much limitless, defined only by your imagination and creative ability.

You can have a look at the strange yet exciting E3 video below:

It’s unclear when this game will actually be available, but after watching it I can say it really reminds me of LittleBigPlanet. It’s a pretty cool concept: being able to create your own world, complete with AI, in minutes and then being able to share that world across the Internet and with your friends (who can seamlessly jump into the action with you). I can see this becoming a little bit of a troll game though, especially because we all know that one person who just loves to irritate people! We’ll keep you updated with any news on Project Spark, but it definitely looks like a title to invest in (if you’re getting an Xbox One or Windows 8 device).