Black Tusk Studios

New Mystery Game Being Developed By Black Tusk Studios For Xbox One

Black Tusk Studios are working on a new AAA title for the Xbox One console. This was announced during today’s Microsoft E3 conference, but the game itself has been kept relatively secret.

The teaser trailer (and I mean very teasing trailer) showed a small glimpse of a man scaling a building. We can only hope for more details in the future! In case you missed it you can check out the teaser trailer below:


Black Tusk Studios is one of five studios that Microsoft is investing big bucks into for next-gen games. It used to be Microsoft Studios Vancouver, and are dedicated to pushing the limits of Microsoft’s entertainment and gaming platforms, working on their “next big entertainment franchise” or “the next Halo” (I’m sure Halo fans will have something to say about this!)

Keep checking back as more is announced on this rather mysterious project.