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New Halo Game Teased By 343 Industries At E3

Everyone was expecting it, but a new Halo.. something…was teased for 2014 release, designed by 343 Industries. This will be the debut of Microsoft’s game-child on the Xbox One console. You can check out the E3 video below:

While it’s currently unclear whether this will be a new game (the lovely Halo 5), a remake of something (possibly to coincide with the 10 year anniversary of Halo 2) or something just to confuse all of the Halo fans out there (myself included) it is definite that the Chief will be back. While the video didn’t show much, is is a game that will be developed in a new engine and will have dedicated servers for Multiplayer.

We’ll make sure to keep this article updated, so keep checking back and keep your fingers crossed for Halo 5!

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