Max The Curse Of The Brotherhood

Max The Curse Of The Brotherhood Revealed at E3 Today

Press Play have announced Max The Curse of The Brotherhood, the adorable puzzle-platformer at the E3 conference today. This title is set to come out on Xbox Live Arcade. You can watch the E3 video below:

In case you haven’t heard anything about Max The Curse Of The Brotherhood from the PAX East release, Max does what everyone with a sibling has done once – he wishes his brother away. Suddenly his little brother Felix gets captured by dark and evil forces. In order to rescue him, Max must enter the magical land of Anotherland and traverse a variety of environments. It already has me hooked with the adorable Pixar-like art style, which quickly turns grim.

The main mechanic of the game is Max’s marker, which just so happens to be magic. This marker allows you to create pillars of Earth, streams of water and even more. You can find out more information on the game at Press Play’s website, and we’ll keep you updated with this lovely platformer game.

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