Leviathyn Reacts To The EA Conference At E3 2013

We are all very busy this week covering all the hoop-la from E3 2013. However myself, Dave, and Andy covered the EA conference and walked away generally impressed. Below are our thoughts from the EA conference after a full hour of teasers, news, and reveals.



EA have done very well with this E3. Along with a new engine for their sports franchises, which looks amazingly realistic, they showed off great new games. Mirror’s Edge 2? We expected that but wow was that still a rush when it came up on my screen. I cannot get enough of that game. Also, I did not expect such an early tease of a Star Wars game, and certainly not for Battlefront, I have been thinking that was killed off for a long time. Not one game didn’t look like it was exciting to watch or play and that is difficult for a games developer or publisher, many an E3 has gone by with boring fillers. Not this time. They have filled me with confidence.

One small issue I had was that some of their games seem to be leaning towards the Xbox side of the scale. Whether this is payment from Microsoft or just a business decision it could be a wrong move for the company if Microsoft doesn’t turn the console’s future around soon. We will have to wait and see how that turns out but overall I was very impressed, well done EA. Not many times I have said that in the past.



While EA showed off some very impressive titles at E3, there is one thing that bothered me about most of the releases — the idea that many of EA’s titles will release on Xbox One and Xbox 360 at the same time. What I saw in the gameplay trailers seemed next-level to me, but how much of an improvement can the games truly be if they can run on last-generation hardware. I would expect the launch titles of a new generation of consoles to be so advanced that the previous generation couldn’t even boot them up, but that doesn’t seem to be the case this time.

The most impressive announcement for me was the new advances in artificial intelligence for EA’s new lineup of sports titles. The ability to play against more intelligent and challenging AI opponents is something sports games have needed for a long time, and it will only increase the skill level of serious players.



I was impressed with the EA conference compared to last year. I felt that their E3 2012 showing fell flat with most gamers and none of their reveals really hit home and made people go “wow”. This year the company struck back with some great games and teasers, as well as some much anticipated fan service.

I was so surprised to see EA show off a teaser for Star Wars: Battlefront. This is what fans have wanted for so long and when EA got the exclusive rights to Star Wars games, this was, once again, the one title everyone wanted to hear from.

EA also got me pumped up for the Dragon Age Inquisition, which looks more epic than I was thinking it would be. Loving the fact that it’s open-world, this war is going to be awesome and I am so happy to see Morrigan back.

Even the next Need for Speed looks pretty awesome with its seemless online transitions.

Needless to say, EA excited me with their E3 conference this year. Well done, guys.