Leviathyn Reacts To Sony’s Bombshell Of An E3 Conference

The first day of E3 is over and the shots have been taken by Microsoft and now Sony. How did the PlayStation brand fare this year at E3? Let’s see as we get reactions from myself, Blake, and Andy who covered the near 2-hour event.



Yet again Sony hit the ball out of the park. Sony are on a winning streak that will have Microsoft running for their mothers. Microsoft have become so confident they have left Sony to see what they did wrong last generation, change it and have no scrap of competition around to fight the success of it. Destiny, Infamous, Killzone, tonnes of indie game and a price point at least $100 less than the Xbox One? I don’t think there was any situation that could have been better for Sony.

One great piece of business was getting Elder Scrolls Online and that will do wonders for the console by itself. While there was a notable lack of EA, most likely due to them wanting DRM and Sony disagreeing, the other publishers came out in force and helped Sony all the way. Where was my Uncharted 4 though? I want Drake to come back and lead the fight against the Xbox. All in all, the best showing from Sony in years. Well done.



I made no qualms about being a Xbox fanboy this generation, but I’ll admit it:  Sony officially won me over.  The only question left in my mind is “When can I give you my money?”  With no console DRMs, no used game lockouts, no subscription needed for services like Netflix and their devotion to indie developers, Sony did just about everything right that you could reasonably expect.  The system itself looks sleek and sexy, and for those of you keeping score, PlayStation also managed to bring in a few quality non-gaming apps.

However, the biggest kicker has to be the $399 price point.  I’ll need to see the hard drive space available on this model to know for sure, but i can’t imagine a scenario where I’m not gleefully laughing my way to the store on the PS4 launch day.  And sorry Microsoft, I only plan on getting one next-gen console.  Strong showings from Transistor, Watch_Dogs, Destiny, Final Fantasy XV and The Elder Scrolls Online were just icing on the cake.

One notable exception to the festivities was The Last Guardian.  Can we officially call this game dead?



Wow. What else is say but wow. There was so much hype on this conference and so many hoping that Sony wouldn’t drop the ball they were already holding. Well, they didn’t. Instead, Sony held the ball and then spun it around while reciting Moby Dick without an error.

The conference started off with the Vita and PS3. They got the current stuff done and out of the way just like they should have. They showed some great stuff still to come and then got right into the next gen. First off, the PS4’s design is beautiful. It’s edgy and a great mix of modern, futuristic, and a nod to the nostalgic with a hint of PS2 in there. It’s a great looking system.

The games Sony showed off from the new footage of titles shown back in February to the new AAA studios and indie stuff just blew everyone’s minds. Sony hit every nail they needed to to appease every kind of gamer. Combine that with the announcement that over 30 exclusive games (18 are new IP’s) are in development over at Sony Worldwide Studios. There is just no stopping the horsepower Sony has right now. Add in the reveals of Final Fantasy XV (well, at least new footage and name) and KINGDOM HEARTS 3, and they stole my heart right there.

Biggest surprise (aside from KH3 because that’s just unfair) would be Elder Scrolls Online coming to the PS4. I was not expecting that.

Even still, Sony took it another step forward with the powerslams they gave Microsoft over used game DRM, subscriptions, and connectivity issues. The unified PS Plus subscription is another huge winner. Sony has hands down won this year’s E3, and Nintendo hasn’t even had their turn yet.

Lastly, $399. One hundred dollars less than the Xbox One and barely any restrictions put onto the system. Just wow…

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