Just Dance 2014 Coming For “All Motion Controlled Devices”

Just Dance 2014 is coming out.  Surprised?

Us neither.  Sensing that this dance fad is going to remain a thing, it appears they are ditching the numbered sequels in favoe of a more Madden-esque numbering system.  Can’t blame them, this series sells like gangbusters.

For the next entry, Ubisoft has added 6-player dancing, up from the previous four.  Besides that, we were given a glimpse of something called On-Stage mode, although we weren’t shown explicitly what that is.  One cool feature showed the user swapping songs mid-session using the Kinect.  Luckily, Ubisoft has a feel for the Kinect technology, so basic actions like this should work well.

Also interesting is the fact that Just Dance 2014 is coming out for “all motion controlled devices”.  Wii U and Kinect were shown, but PS4 also seems like a lock.