Inside Of E3 Leaked

E3 has begun today but earlier than expected, someone has got access into certain areas that they should not be allowed into. This individual took numerous photographs of the exposition’s posters and loading docks.

Created yesterday on imgur.com, the user poster 49 images labelled “E3 Roaming”. They continued to be fairly lax about sneaking into the main E3 halls. We will post some info and images below but the rest can be found here.

As the person entered the building, the first thing they saw was a poster for the second Plants Vs. Zombies game, called It’s About Time. The poster features a slightly different art style than the first game along with a car of sorts which, going by the name seems to be a time machine. Underneath, the poster says that the game will be “Coming Soon.”




There are various other posters that the individual saw and subsequently took photographs of. This includes Thief, Final Fantasy XIV, Murdered: Soul Suspect and Kingdom Hearts 1.5.


Batman: Arkham Origins posters also adorned many of the halls of E3:


Other posters shown were Dying Light, World of Warships (yes that was right), Payday 2, Final Fantasy Lightning Returns, Elder Scrolls Online and The Evil Within.

Somehow, the person managed to get to the loading dock and take pictures of some of the large crates from different companies. Some of these were Bethesda, Twitch.tv and Sega as well as unopedned boxes from the gift shop.


This gives some of us who cannot attend one of the biggest gaming shows in the world a glimpse inside at what we are missing. As much as this is exciting, there is an issue with the security at the event, how did this person manage to sneak around the complex, even getting around to the loading areas? “I got some weird glances from the workers, but no one said anything” says the uploader.

E3 starts today people! Check back later for the coverage of all the games and announcements from the presentations and the booths.