Final Fantasy XV Is Coming, Gets Epic Trailer

“This fantasy is based on reality”, are the first words you see as a new trailer lightened the screen at Son’y E3 conference.  What followed was a miasma of incredible looking graphics, impeccable hair and a lot of monster slaying.  It’d hard to mistake a Final Fantasy title when you see one.  The long awaited Final Fantasy Versus XII is actually Final Fantasy XV

And this one looks good.  Confirmed for PlayStation 4, the trailer for the newest installment in the grandfather of the JRPG featured a diverse cast of characters, and a few epic set-pieces that wouldn’t look out of place in God of War.  At one point, a giant colossus sprung from the ground that would dwarf the biggest Titan.  And the characters go to battle with it.

The few snatches of game play we saw featured kinetic looking battle sequences, so it looks like Square Enix may be pushing the envelope even further with Final Fantasy XV.  We saw reference to a town called Nilfheim, which is a famous town in Nordic lore.  Glad to see they aren’t straying too far from their roots.