EA Sports UFC Revealed at E3 2013

UFC President Dana White and two UFC champions helped Electronic Arts announce EA Sports UFC in their E3 press conference today, showing their full support for the franchise live at the conference.

The new “MMAI system,” part of the EA Sports Ignite engine’s new advances in artificial intelligence, allows fighters to make more intelligent and informed decisions than ever before in the genre. Light heavywiehgt champion Jon “Bones” Jones described how real fighters think and react in the real world, showing the huge amount of detail that went into the new AI. Fighters will react dynamically to different situations, having an overriding drive for self preservation that previous generations couldn’t offer.  The new game celebrates fighting as the world’s first and oldest sport, undoubtedly a part of the UFC’s support of saving wrestling as an olympic sport. A gameplay trailer revealed the same level of realism revealed in EA’s Madden NFL 25 and FIFA 14 trailers, looking more like a live fight than a UFC game.

The game launches on XBOX One and PS4 next Spring, and Dana White promises it will be the best fighting game ever made.

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