EA Announces Madden NFL 25 for Next-Gen Consoles

EA announced the upcoming release of Madden NFL 25 in its highly-anticipated E3 press conference today. The game uses the new EA Sports Ignite engine to create a more realistic experience than ever before. New proprietary technology greatly enhances players’ artificial intelligence, and adds more precise and realistic physics than ever before, allowing characters to move and react exactly like players in the real world.

Watching the short gameplay previews felt more like watching a live NFL game than a new Madden title. The new physics and A.I. truly make characters come to life on the screen. Every nuance of players’ faces, clothing, and equipment is immaculately rendered in beautiful detail. A gameplay trailer revealed some of the smoothest animations I’ve ever seen in a sports game. Long-time fans of the franchise will surely be delighted by the 25th anniversary title, and it should help to spur sales of next-generation consoles along with EA’s other sports franchises.

More details to follow as they come in.

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