E3 2013: Destiny First Gameplay

Sony has revealed the very first gameplay footage of Destiny, Bungie’s new game.

Playing on a PlayStation 4, Sony showed off first images from the game including combat and certain special features including a Ghost which flies around lighting up areas and fixing things. The Ghost did however bring attention to the players, meaning that enemies had to be dealt with ending in a boss battle which, after being defeated, left a tonne of cool loot.

The gameplay showcased the MMO aspect of the game with the main player meeting up with friends and allies along the path and helped each other fight off the enemies. Towards the end of the gameplay, a “public event” was triggered which brought together many different players to defeat larger numbers of enemies of larger sizes. This particularly looked exciting. Look forward to a preview on Leviathyn in the coming days.

A short trailer was also released:

PlayStation have also entered into an exclusive partnership with Bungie.